… were alone. You are me. You will be mine. This is the mirror in which I see your lovely face, those mesmerizing eyes and that smile capable of world domination, just like you have done with my mind. Any thought that crossed about how you should be or how your existence came into place is simply vulgar and not worth mentioning. You are the creature that I can’t draw, explain or understand. You are the sin that should lead me into temptation like Eve once did. And yet, I feel no remorse that I have found you. Better still, I bless the skies for it is you that has breached a wall and rescued me from my place of solitude. This whole text is about you, because if you read it, is like reading me. Melted from a single gold ingot to forge two wedding rings. Sculpted from a block of granite to withstand the hardships of time. Bewildered by our very existence and yet, strangely separated by the only thing that binds us. Curiosity is a wicked witch, casting her curses to bring a morsel of happiness to whomever endeavours to look beyond his or her self.

… were incomplete. You are without fault. You will be perfect. This is the prediction your heart has told you not to long ago. This is your doing, taking the days as they past, seizing the nights as they whisper your mind’s tempest. You are the mind that all minds ponder upon, an individual as simple as simplicity gets and yet, so full of inspiring complications, just like a beautiful handcrafted watch. And I know you like watches, like you love cars, adore quiet places and feel at home with your home brew of dark passions collected from every corner of the globe. It is the small things you love that make for the grandeur that I see and feel like a dwarf admiring it from afar. You made for a short period of time, a stop from your routine. Something followed by someone caught your eye. And it made you curious just for the simple fact that you strike the curiosity in others, not the other way around. Yet, you felt comfort and peace. Turmoil and happiness all blended into one single feeling. You are me. Felt like I felt and lived for a brief second like you have never lived before. Alive and special, cherished and adored, beautiful like none before and smiling to the brink of losing your breath. This is how you knew that you found me. You found yourself.

… were there. You are still there. You will be here. This is my wish for you. Being at home where the soul finds comfort from the world. Leaving home for a soul that will bring the same comfort. Yet, this is not a promise. No man can promise you that. You need no promises, no brave words and even less you lack the need for foolish games. The only thing you crave for is to be whole. Like a string of pearls worn by a queen. Like a finely tuned car taking you to nowhere and everywhere. The only thing you need is me. Because we are one. Just divided into separate beings, counting days and nights when, half and half will meet again, in a selfless bound, that of divine creation. You, my woman, I, your man. Both curious of what we will find in our life time.


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